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We work with businesses to add value, not just an increase in turnover or profit but long term, sustainable, quantifiable value. What does that mean to you? Simple! As a business owner or C-Suite exectutive, the value of your company increases tremendously, funding is easier to obtain and any exit strategies now become very luctrative.

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Some questions we have answered

I have been told I need a business plan, where do I start?

There is no simple answer as the contents and detail of your Business Plan will be determined by, who you are writing it for, and the purpose of the Business Plan. Typically if you are writing for a bank and you require funding the bank will need to know:

What is your track record as far as your financials are concerned
Why the finance is required
How you will use the money
What your three year financial projections show
What security can you offer – this is normally a prerequisite.  

If you are shifting your main company focus then a detailed SWOT analysis is really useful in supporting this rational.

If you can let us know who you are writing it for and the purpose of the Business Plan then we can offer more insight. 


I am working all hours and never have time for my family, what can I do?

We hear this many times from business owners and senior managers, and we all know it was never the intention to do ‘everything’ and work all hours but things just happen and on and on we go. Fortunately there is an easy fix but it will take some time and requires a certain amount of discipline. The late Stephen Covey in his book ‘The Seven Habits Of Highly Successful People’ put forward the following theory. What you do could be split into four quadrants and that if one eliminates the things you do in the less productive quadrant and focus on other quadrants, you would become not only more productive, but have more time to spend with your loved ones.

Quadrant 1. Urgent and important – Firefighting
Quadrant 2. Important but not urgent – Planning for example
Quadrant 3. Urgent but not important – An example is a ringing phone
Quadrant 4. Not urgent and not important – Vegetating in front of the TV

Covey suggests that you should cut down or eliminate activities in Q4 and focus on Q2 and by doing this you will reduce the emergencies in Q1 and reduce your time spent in Q3.

Family time should come under Q2 as it is important but not urgent, so hopefully this has helped with your initial question and we hope you can soon be spending some meaningful time with your family. 

There are a number of excellent productivity tools out there, some cost a small fee but some are free. We have provided some links and preset templates for our members which will help enormously.

My website is outdated, what do I need to consider to bring it into the 21st century?

Great question and one we come across time and time again. Firstly you need to establish the purpose of your website.

1. Is it and extension of your brochure
2. Are you selling products/services from it
3. Does it serve another purpose

Next establish the key functions your customer would benefit from, that’s your customer and not you. Think about things like how they communicate with you (direct call from the website, chat bots, email etc). Will they be making a booking or requesting some information, could they download the information straight from your website.  Will they be using your website on their mobile devices, more and more people are.

Next think about the management information, and how you will track what pages people are visiting and where are they coming to your website from. These two stats are absolutely mission critical for most websites but only around 12% of website owners know this information.

Once you have your list you are then ready to talk to a web development company. They should be asking you all of the above questions, and lots more besides. 

If you are struggling to find a company that understands what you require, message us, as there are a handful of companies we have dealt with who will not let you down. 

I am looking at selling my business, what are my options?

There are lots of options when it comes to selling your business however, one word of warning do not get drawn into the inflated figures that some so called business brokers will quote you. All they are interested in is getting you to pay their setup fee. 

Our advice is to involve your accountants as there are significant tax savings if you set things out correctly. For instance if you sell your shares in a limited company you are subject to entrepreneurs relief at just 10% – that’s after costs! 

We would need to know why are you selling your business and what kind of structure you are considering, in the mean time here are some options.

Options to consider
MBO – Management Buy Out
Sale Of Shares – Clean and simple but involve your accountant and your solicitor
IPO or Flotation – A lot more complicated and always seek expert advice
Sale on a earn-out basis – Who ever is buying your company keeps you on for a period of say 12 months, therefore the agreed sales figure is paid to you monthly.


Some other questions our team have answered

  • What is the best way to grow my customer base?
  • What is the best marketing tactic which will deliver a high ROI?
  • I would like to retire in a few years how can I prepare for this?
  • I would like to significantly grow my business, what steps do I need to take?
  • I need to differentiate what we do, how do I do this?
  • What key numbers do I need to measure?
  • How do I go about building a great team?
  • How can technology help me?


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