Brand Awareness On Facebook

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Facebook has the largest chunk of the number of social media users globally.

With over two billion active monthly users – scrolling through their feeds, sharing content with friends, interacting with brands; spending on average five hours per day on the platform – you simply cannot ignore tapping into these cheap massive eyeballs to grow your business.

Fact is Facebook is an effective platform to build massive brand awareness for your business. You can piggy-tail the social media giant’s fine-grained targeting algorithm to reach just about anyone.

The challenge, however, is that most brands – small businesses, in this case, don’t know the “how’s” of marketing on Facebook.

What we often see is a business owner throwing together a couple of ads, boosting it, and then hoping for the sales to come in.

And when they don’t see any result, which is usually the case, they give up, thinking “Facebook marketing doesn’t work.”

Ok, enough said, how do you build brand awareness for your business on Facebook?

The first thing to understand is that Facebook users are not on the platform to be sold. Here’s what I mean, when they log in to their account, their first thought is not “OK, I’m going to search for this product or that company.”

No. They want to know what’s happening with their friends and families. They want to just pull their hair down for a while.

Keeping that in mind, your goal will be to produce standout, in-your-face content that is catchy enough to disrupt their feed, grab their attention, and draw them in to interact, engage or even click a link to learn more about your brand.

Your awareness marketing efforts have only one job – to keep the top of your funnel full.

Don’t sale at this stage. Build awareness. Nurture your ideal audience. Get them to know you. To trust you. To warm up to your brand.

Remember, people buy only from the brands they know and trust.

Thankfully, Facebook has several features that would help you do just that.

Use the bite-sized 20 seconds Facebook Stories to drive massive views. It’s a free feature that allows you to share short video content with your audience.

Once your Stories are posted, you can choose to either share with everyone or send as a direct message to specific persons.

For even more granular targeted reach that gives you more control over who sees your branded content, you may want to consider running ads.

Facebook has one of the smartest ad platforms in the world. When you combine compelling creative – videos, images; with a Reach marketing objective plus their super-detailed targeting capabilities you are sure to drive massive brand awareness for your business.

Here’s a case study that described how Queisser Pharma, a popular global healthcare company with headquarters in Germany utilized Reach marketing objective to drive up awareness for their new product, Dopperlherz Pro Lacto Balance.

Another Facebook brand building campaign you can also leverage is Post Boosting. Go through your branded Facebook page; you’d see there are posts which seem to perform better than others, right?

Now, boost those posts; what you’re essentially doing is telling Facebook to show that particular post to more people.

Just like an ad, you can specify the demographics of those you want the post to be shown.

Finally, dig into your ad analytics to understand what’s working and iterate.