Cash Flow and Financial Forecasting

What are your financial models saying about your business growth over the next 12, 36 and 60 months? Are your margins improving, if not why not? Are you able to generate a cash stockpile for that future development?

If you are considering exiting your business in a few years time what are your projections telling you your company will be worth?

These questions and many more which should be answered by your cash flow and financial forecast but surprisingly not many business owners have access to meaningful financial forecasts.

Just imagine that you keep on doing what you are doing, only to find that in three years you still do not have any money in the bank and your business is only just hitting at break even!

What is the number one reason why businesses fail? – They run out of money!

We have all heard the adage ‘Cash is King’ – well this is so true and the chances are that if you don’t have a detailed financial plan showing your cash flow in, and your cash flow out, you will very soon be running out of cash.

The main benefits of a detailed financial and cash flow forecast are:

1. Helps with planning for growth by showing how cash will be needed

2. Details gross and net profit margins to establish if the business is actually making any money

3. Highlights any products or services that are not producing the revenues (or profits) that they should

4. Gives you a break even on each individual product or service

5. identify key supply chains to your business

6. Show revenue trends and corresponding cash shortages

7. Gives a clear indication of requirements when planning for alternative scenarios  

Financial Forecasting written for you from just £295

Assist corporation can help you drive your business forward by creating a cash flow and financial forecast demonstrating where the cash is and how you company will grow. Get in touch below and lets discuss your requirements and what will work best for you and for your business.

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