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Strategic Direction

From just £595.00

This is where it all begins and the most important part. You may produce the finest product mankind has ever seen but if no one needs it or wants it your business is doomed. We help our clients determine exactly what consumers are seeking, and then position the product or service to meet consumers needs.


Business Planning

From just £795.00

The next stage is to look at how your business can deliver what the consumer requires and make a profit. This often involves matching the resources of the business to the desired requirements. It is also a good exercise to look at all aspects of the business through value chain analysis, in this way you can see how the component parts interact with each other.

Business Growth

From just £495.00

Once the alanysis is complete, and we have a clear road map as to where the business needs to heading to maximise consumer demand, its time to look at growth strategies. Every business needs to grow because if you are not growing you are declining. When we discuss growth strategies, we do not just look at digital marketing, we look at both on line and offline