Starting A Business

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What is the most important thing to consider when starting a business?

Your WHY!

When most people start a business, they have a vision, a dream and something that has inspired them to make the decision to start their own business. The common reasons people start their own business are:

  • They want to be their own boss
  • They to be in control of their own destiny
  • They want the freedom to work from home
  • They have a great idea which will change the world
  • They want to be rich

We hear these reasons every day from entrepreneurs but they are generally smoke screens for what is the real reason. It is so important to really understand your WHY because when you are six months in to starting your business and you are caught up in the day to day, your reason for starting the business may be forgotten or become clouded.

So what is your real reason?

To make money? Money is just a means to an end, what is it that the money will bring you that you desire.

I want to buy a super car! That’s great but why? Is it because owning a super car will make you feel good, feel desirable and make others envy you, if so WHY.

Here is a simple exercise, in your journal or on a blank sheet, write out your reason for starting a business and then ask why? Keep drilling down until you come up with some deep seated reason why you want to start a business.

Maslow gave us the hierarchy of needs suggesting that once our basic needs (food, water, air etc) were meet we would move to the next level of wanting safety and on and on until we achieve self- actualisation